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  Maria Ivanova Mitkova

Address: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 (0) 889 / 268 352

E-mail: maria_mitkova@mail.bg

Nationality: Bulgarian Age : 39


Secondary Education


Secondary School of Education “St. Patriarch Evtimii”, Plovdiv in a class with English language profile. For more information please visit: http://www.patriarcha.com


Academic Education
1995-2001 University of Plovdiv ”St. Paissii Hilendarski”
Master  Degree  in  Bulgarian-English  Language  and  Literature.  Professional
Qualification as a Specialist in Bulgarian-English Language and Literature. Qualified
as a Teacher of Bulgarian-English Language and Literature. Course duration – 5
years, full time.For more information please visit: http://www.uni-plovdiv.bg/
Employment :
10/2015 – 03/2017 Freelance translator with English language on different technical projects.
09/2014-10/2015 TRIDEX Ltd., Sadovo – Bulgarian-German company producing PE-rubbish bags,
worked there as an Management Assistant / Marketing Specialist – I have been
in charge of organizing raw material purchases and deliveries from abroad, orders
preparation  for  a  production,  entering  and  keeping  a  thorough  record  of  the
production data in the company. I have been purchasing package materials from
different suppliers, I have been responsible for arranging the export papers for the
orders,  also  organizing  papers  and  deliveries  of  import  required  production
equipment and details. Another main part of my administrative duties is to assist the
management. I have been responsible in maintaining papers and communication
with the official authorities in Bulgaria. Technical translation and correspondence
with  different  companies  in  order  to  solve  some  instant  technical  problems.
 For more information please visit: http://www.terdex.com
10/2011- 09/2014 CIMA-99Ltd,  A  family  run  company,  producing  fruit  preserves,  fruit  spread,
chocolate and fruit toppings, fruit jams and marmalade – I work there as an Export
Manager, my responsibilities are to keep in touch with the customers from taking
the order, entering it into the ERP system, its production and later on its export as
per customer’s wish and needs. To organize an inland or freight transport for the
customers, preparing documents for all customs  procedures around export  and
import  affairs  on  containers  and  trucks.  I kept  in  a  close  contact  with
customers from Europe, Asia and the USA. Establishing new contacts with new
customers and improving the well developed contacts with the long-term customers
by increasing the volume of the sales. Taking part in international fairs in a search of
new customers. Organizing everything for international events such as fairs and
travels, samples and documents arrangements. www.cima99.com
09/2011- 12/2011 Wirtschaft  Deutsch  Sprachkurs  (Business  German  Language  Course)
organized  by  the  German-Bulgarian  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  German
Consulate in Plovdiv, Bulgaria B2 level
04/2011-06/2011 German Language Course  attending a German language course as a foreign
language    in    Albert    Schweitzer    Gymnasium    in    Laichingen,    Baden-
Wuerttenberg,Germany from April until June – duration 3 months. During that time I
was  staying  with a German family and  I  worked in a hotel-restaurant Ochsen,
Merklingen, Baden-Wuerttenberg to practice the language.  http://www.hotel-ochsen-
10/2010-03/2011 Freelance  Technical  and  Corporate  Documents  Translator  on  different

language profile. http://www.patriarcha.com/


04/2010-09/2010 Association Art Today, Centre for Contemporary art – Ancient Bath, Plovdiv,
one of the first organizations for contemporary art in Bulgaria. www.arttoday.org I
worked as a Project Coordinator. The projects I took part were mainly international
and I was able to keep in touch with various artists and people from different levels
and fields.
08/2009-03/2010 Freelance  Technical  and  Corporate  Documents  Translator  on  different
03/2007 – 08/2009 Printing House Ideal-AS, Plovdiv www.ideal-as.com, as a Foreign Customers
Sales Manager,  working on the research  and  development  of  new customers,
successful  in  attracting  new  customers  and  initiating  orders,  experienced  in
organizing  and  attending  international  fairs  and  entertainments,  translating
technical, judicial and economical matters, experienced in offset printing materials
and equipment, experienced in spare parts and customers’ goods logistics. I took
part in some of the machines’ installations and staff training as a translator.
04/2003 – 03/2007 Dunapack-Rodina SA.- It is a part of Hamburger, Mosburger Group, it is known
as one of the biggest paper and package producer in Hungary and Austria.
www.dunapack.hu; www.dunapack.bg  I have worked as a translator, interpreter
and as a Production and Technical Department Assistant. During that time I took
part in a few projects – Gas-installation system and line, Changing the corrugating
line and installing software system for it.
08/2001 – 02/2003 KCM  S.A.  (КЦМ  АД)  –  Metallurgical  Company,  Assenovgradsko  shousse,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, www.kcm.bg
IPI Project (Industrial Pollution Improvement Project). Joint venture between
KCM  S.A,  Marubeni  Corporation  –  a  Japanese  Company,  Outokumpu  Lurgi
Metallurgi – a German Company experienced in metallurgical equipment – worked
as an Interpreter-Correspondent part of the project management team, as an
Office Assistant – translating from English into Bulgarian and vise versa mainly
technical documents, operation manuals and technical discussions.
02/2001- 7/2001 Leader-96” Ltd. www.leader96.com A small private company, producing bicycles,
import-export bicycle parts and accessories, exporting assembled bicycles; “Milk

Products” Ltd. A small private company producing milk products and exporting abroad – worked as an English translator and as an Office – Assistant

24,25,26 /05/ 2001, 10th National IATEFL East Bulgaria Conference, participated as a conference assistant. It took place on the premises of International Fair Plovdiv.

16,17 /10/ 1999, 8th National IATEFL Bulgaria Conference in Bulgaria as a participant. It took place at American University of Blagoevgrad.

10/2000-05/2001: Teaching English Practice in Language Centre “Euro Alliance” in Plovdiv

young children, beginners level, 7-11 age, course duration – nine months (most of the children were bilingual – mother tongue was Turkish)

10/2000- 05/2001: Teaching English Practice in the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria students – Elementary level, 21-23 age, duration – eight months

Office products: Microsoft Office XP – Word, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Outlook XP, Corel Draw 12, Corel Photo Paint 10, Internet, Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS.

OS: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7

Interests: All shades of art, various styles of music, cultural studies, meeting people, traveling and computer technologies

Additional Information: Fluent spoken and written English communicative skills, excellent motivation for working in a group, excellent organization in a team work, tolerant with people, a good sense of humour and flexible in solvingproblems. I am used to intercultural relationships and also to work and communicate with people from different cultures. I am used to work calmly and effectively under pressure and I used to problem solving focus.

I have visited the UK on several occasions and lived in England for 12 months during 1998/99.

Languages: Fluent English written and spoken, advanced German written and spoken, basic French spoken and written and Russian spoken and written

Non-smoker and clean driving license

Hobbies: photography, cars and aircraft, gardening, homeopathy, computer technologies

Art Participations:

Art Today Association Centre for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath

Art Positive, 4th edition , 2008 “Fragments” 07.04 – 25.05.2008 www.arttoday.org I took part in this exhibition. It was my first participation in the 4th edition for young artists from Plovdiv

Art Positive,5th edition , 2009 “Sweet”  www.arttoday.org It was my second participation in the 5th edition. 10.04-25.05.2009

Art Positive, 6th edition , 2010 “Optimism” – www.arttoday.org 20.04.-20.05.2010. This exhibition is supported mainly by Municipality of Plovdiv.


  1. Jochen Guentner –Commissioning Manager – Tel:  +49 6171 9693 301

Outokumpu GmbH jochen.guentner@outotec.com

Ludwig-Erhard Strasse 21 jochen.guentner@yahoo.de

D-61408 Oberusel, Germany

  1. Simon Peter Matthews BSc – Managing Director , tel: 44 (0) 1488-648988

AgriCoat Industries Limited simon.matthews@agricoat.co.uk 7B Northfield Farm

Great Shefford Berkshire RG17 7BY



  1. Parish Magazine, Speen and Dean News, Issue 22 Autumn 2000, UK, Speen Magical Millennium Fate,

          Article Impressions of British Culture and Customs page 6.

  1. Magazine Pulp and Paper, Bulgaria, Issue 1 / 2005 with some photos to an article.
  1. Magazine Pulp and Paper, Bulgaria, Issue 2 / 2006 Article and photos “Good production practice in providing health and safety at work”, page 17 and 18
  2. Bulgarian history, Trilogy books – Bulgarian history in 100; I have a publication of a picture about Boyana Church in the book Bulgarian history in 100 destinations, https://www.bulgarianhistory.org/product/100destinations/ and https://www.bulgarianhistory.org/
  3. Taking part with lots of photographs in website about a tobacco cooperation Asen’s Fortress in Asenovgrad, for more information please visit: http://tobacco-asens-fortress.com/. The website was introduced to the public on 24th February, 2017 in Asenovgrad. The purpose of the website is to preserve and protect the buildings used during the tobacco production in the town. The website authors’ ambition is to make possible the use of the buildings as a cultural or historical place for the public, keeping the history alive at present in the town.